Philmont Scout Reservation, New Mexico
The Lampkin Phil-Pages

A series of pages dedicated to
the many staff members of

The Philmont Scout Ranch

(a.k.a. Philmont Scout Camp and Explorer Base
or the Philmar Scout Farm and Beverage Base)

I was lucky enough to caputure Philmont
on film in 1985, 1986, and 1987.
These pages will hopefully provide you with a little
different veiw than what one might expect. Enjoy!

The Ranger Bell

I guess no web page from a Philmont photographer
would be complete without a decent shot
of the good ol' Ranger Bell.
This was an extended exposure shot taken at night.
(Feel free to climb on and sing IWGBTP!!)

There is a larger version of this shot available for download.

1986 NIS Staff Photo 1
The News and Information Staff - 1986
(We're totally goobin' out in our stylish Disney sunglasses.)

Seated from the left:
Me (Mike Lampkin), Gillian Martin, Linda Lampe
Back row from the left:
Bryan Smylie, Richard Sheets, Dan Overturf, Michael Montgomery, and Scott Etzwiler
(not pictured: Mike Shoup...he had PTC photo duty that day...)

Take a hike!
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